Search A Light In The Darkness

Monday, 6 August 2018

Strange Visions, Strange Dreams

It always occurs after I have worked with raised energy; particularly a night or two after a significant energy working.

Last night, the strange visions, strange dreams were there again.

Clambering on board a small boat, much like a celtic Coracle. The boat partially submerged. The waterway perhaps symbolising the journey into the underworld; the boat a vessel over-weighted with earthly burdens.

Inhabitants of the underworld then joining me on the journey. One, a female, misleading me to follow a tributary that leads into a dead end. My apparent search for 'water' unsuccessful in the gully and wilderness to which I'd been led. The gully was noticeably underground. Water was present, but it had been indicated as out of bounds; like a water works owned by another party?

Returning then to another tributary with other companions, I venture along with no memory of the boat. I come upon a pool of what appears frozen water. I see droplets and then, startling me as it appears right in front of me, a scrawny female Blackbird.

And then I'm able to perceive an unfrozen pool of water and I'm able to fill the clear bottle I needed to fill with water. Perhaps this symbolises a fresh set of experiences, free from the burdens of the past?

Only time will tell ... ... ...