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Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Art Of Knowing

What we call 'the art of knowing' comes with a distinctive vibration and subtle feeling; a technique that has to be developed through decades of trial and errors in order to fine tune it to a point that; when the subtle signs are there; you have the confidence to ride the information stream.

There is no doubt when that information is delivered to the recipient. Though the recipient might not be able to confirm the outcome that is being indicated, for example, at that time ... the subtle signs are such that the information is trusted 100%. It will be at a later date that the accuracy can be confirmed.

When the information is flowing, the provider of that information technically steps out of this time vibration and is transported into the time vibration that is linked to the information being provided. This can be past or future. It is more often than not a very intense experience with the provider being in two places at the same time. Often, when finely tuned, the information can lead to the provider being fully aware of the originating location of the information. The information provider than then describe in great detail a place, or a person, in the recipient's  past or future. Thus adding to the accuracy of the information.