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Saturday, 11 August 2018

The Consolidation

The conventional air of normality appears to hide the battle worn mystic, at this moment in time. To the untrained eye, he appears just like them, thought a little worse for wear. In appearance nowhere near the years that his date of birth reveals, a little scrawny and in need of more weight on his frame.

But looks can be deceiving, never trust the cover of the book they say. Underneath that innocuous exterior, rests the well travelled mystic; a well oiled machine. Parked in a resting bay. Awaiting the next chapter to begin. For most surely it will.

Occasionally called upon in recent months; the engines firing up much quicker than before. The delivery and the product much better than ever before. Most surely benefiting from the rest, and the chance for all the energies to be absorbed and purified. The flow of the energy much better than it was before.

The conventional world dire and much like wading through mud not water. Heavy on the spirit; yearning for the call, and the need that was there before. Knowing the powers of manifestation and visualisation appear now to be stronger than they were before. Eager is he to use those powers like they were meant; willing the period of rest and growth to be over now.