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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Game Called FEAR

It's pretty amazing how much FEAR there is in this world. Fear, a vice and a negative emotion triggered as a reactive response by the R-complex in the left hand brain, is rife in this world.  Much of it is created DELIBERATELY by the unseen hand (The Archons) to ensure we are 'self-policed'. They don't have to be present to control us, even in their absence, fear ensures we adhere to their rules of imprisonment.

It's only when fears are overcome, and this virtual world is seen from the bigger picture, that it is seen for what it is. It's a software program called 'FEAR' ... and there are around seventeen of them.

The first explorers of this virtual world can best be seen as computer geeks trying out new virtual connection gear and a new software world. The experience soon caught on and more & more Atlanteans linked up to the new virtual world ... and began spending more and more time within the quantum computer ... the corporation obliging them with the means to remain indefinitely due to feeder tubes etc being connected prior to their visit.

Soon the 'real world' was forgotten as these Atlanteans explored deeper and deeper into this new virtual world. The trap was sprung and the separation was complete. And still more & more naive Atlanteans joined the game not realising the danger or the trap. Now, with the technology being used, once in the game it was not possible to return back to the real world, without someone waking up the player who was fully engrossed in the world with a virtual identity and a virtual set of lives.

And so it was that perhaps a whole city or a whole civilisation became trapped in a virtual world ... a world in which the AI's created by the computer were the gods and the rulers in that virtual world.Within this world the Atlanteans are ruled by FEAR. Herded by fear and overcome by fears.

The virtual world we are in now.

But, once the powers of the fears recede, it is more than possible to 'sit on a hill' and look down on it all ... and see the game that is being played. Though the life of the virtual human appears to be important to the game, and within the game ... it becomes unimportant. The fear of dying and starvation and loneliness and insecurities etc etc fade into the background. The hamster wheel called daily life is just part of a computer generated reality ...

It no longer controls the spirit of the Atlantean trapped ...