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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Sun Getting Hotter Makes The Earth Get Hotter - Doh!

So, temperatures have soared this summer in areas of Europe. Portugal has reached 50 degrees for the first time; the UK has recorded its 5th warmest summer on record. There have been extensive bush fires and drought conditions across Europe and the USA; scientists have declared we are 1 degree off a hothouse earth, and they claim it is the hottest the earth has been in 1.2 million years. How can they say that for sure? Its far fetched.

This is all apparently playing right into the global warming caused by manmade pollution hands ... LET IT.

If the sun goes warmer, what happens to the earth? It warms up too! If the sun keeps getting hotter, then all the planets warm up too. How come Mars and other planets in the solar system are being found to be getting hotter too? Is there manmade or alien pollution problems on the other planets too?

Surely not! Then it HAS TO BE the fact the sun is getting warmer. Again, this is being researched and analysed, but overlooked. Simply because they want us to keep buying their global warming scam bullshit that mankind is causing the heat up with the production of too much CO2. BOLLOCKS! It can't be use on other worlds or in the 14th century which was a hotter period than now. It is THE SUN. It's such an obvious answer ... the sun is known to fluctuate with its temperature ... and this can be correlated to the temperature fluctuations on the earth. There is a warming cycle on earth that tracks with the increased heat output of the sun .... yep. Its a simple reality!!!