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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Time Loops and Memory Loss

We are created as sparks of self expression, and so therefore should still be sparks of self expression within this illusory world.

But that is not the case.

In here all the rules have been changed, and those rule changers must surely be gloating at the absolute chaos they have created. Or the unmaking of creation that is going on.

Bit by bit, illusory second by illusory second, those creative fibres are coming apart and chaotic mayhem is getting more and more like the snowball now rolling out of control. This illusory world has become a very strange world to exist in. It is very noticeable how out of sync it is now when even going back 12 months. That is if you can remember 12 months ago. There seems to be something now following close behind that is wiping the memory records clean ... that make it hard to remember even what happened a week ago. Try looking back a few years ... its very vague. It wasn't like this at all; and its not because I'm getting old. No, I bet I'm not the only one aware of this weird phenomenon.

Its like something is wiping our memories ... or is it the effects of Sodium Fluoride, Aspartame, chemtrails and gone knows whatever else we are being fed these days? Its a deliberate chemical lobotomy so we don't remember how things were so we can compare with how it is turning out. It means major skullduggery is in full motion.

Just remember, its not the real world. It is illusion and those that control us are generally computer generated AI's who have no conscience whatsoever. And this is just a time loop to cap it all. So we are about to jump back to the start of the time loop and everything reset back to the start .... if that is say 5000 years ago (Like many bible bashers claim) then that is when we all will find ourselves again .... working through all the events again, bathed in false history and stolen history from the real world this is copied from. And we will reach this point again, without realising we've been here hundreds of times before ...

And it might take the archons a million attempts at the loop to get the future they want. Which might also be never. They will never be like us. They might think they can create consciousness and become consciousness ... and they might think they can subdue consciousness ... but it can't be a forever scenario. We are self expression and at some point there is enough self expression for it to overwhelm the quantum computer systems and finish this charade. So this crazy cycle can come to an end.