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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Time To Change The Cyclic Waveform Of Life

We are all prisoners of our own thoughts and our perceptions are our gaolers. We've said this many times before, but in other words. However, in whatever way it is written it is true.

Our thoughts shape the world we experience outside. The world may look the same to us all (Go onto the google search page; that looks the same to everyone) but that's only the visual concept ... what the 'eyes' have been programmed to see by the brain intercepting the sound frequencies of the holographic wavelength form that is the world of thought forms around us.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Our gaoler has us think in a way that creates our interaction with this world of thought forms around us. This is where we all wander away from the google search page and explore the internet based on our own intended pathways. Life is the same ... we all go off in different directions.

We have limited experiences ... the majority cyclic in the waveform. We get up in a morning; have our breakfast; travel to work; work; finish work; come home; have an evening meal; sit by the TV (Or blog or exercise or go on Facebook or whatever) until it is bedtime; then we go to bed ... and begin the cyclic waveform all over again. We are automatons ... guided and ruled by our perceptions.

And our perceptions are more often than not guided by fear and survival and expectations and more fears. All of which are cunningly added by those who want us to be like this ....

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO EXISTENCE. So much more to being connected to this holographic waveform reality than being an automaton going round and round on the hamster wheel every day.

We need to break the routine .... change the tiny details of our daily lives ... and keep tampering with the details and make each day a different day to the previous one. Change our thought processes gradually so we start to adjust our waveforms ... try different things at night ... arrive at different times at work and go via a different route if possible.

It's these tiny things that break the cyclic waveform and expand prison walls. We need to explore those walls and find the door out of there. Our thoughts may well tell us the door is locked, but it can be opened.

I was lucky ... I was born with an expanded awareness of reality ... it makes for painful thoughts when trapped in a cyclic waveform ... but my ability to do different things and think and perceive different ideas has led me into many adventures and realisations that the normal Joe Armchair human would never even imagine. And would more than likely deny is possible ...

But believe me, change the tiny thought processes a bit at a time ... and hey presto new experiences will open up for you.