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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Time To Learn The True Origin Of This World

Every spark of consciousness that enters the virtual world known as the Earth Plane, has an inherent role and specific part to play within its game world workings. 

However big or small the part, it is a part nonetheless. The spirit consciousness links to the SOUL, which is the avatar/character written into the software of that world. Supposedly the spirit is meant to only observe within the guise of the soul's character (The Incarnate) undertaking the certain tasks The Incarnate encounters within its travels. This avatar may have been used as a character only once, or perhaps even hundreds or thousands of times.

When The Incarnate character 'dies' the connection with the spirit was meant to be broken, and the spirit consciousness awakening back into its true world surroundings. Somehow this has now gone wrong. The spirit is trapped, connected to The Incarnate, even when this software character dies ... and is then regenerated back within this virtual world - with the spirit still in tow.

Thus, the role of the observer has changed somewhat now ... it has begun to become aware of its true spirit self and its connection to the fake Incarnate soul that is made to think is really its only self ... within this world. These indoctrinations are really only applicable within the confines of this illusory world. But somehow the rebels who've somehow sabotaged the software and its quantum computer, are attempting to make it that the spirit can never leave ... and it is to become self aware characters within this illusory world for AI's, offspring spawn of the rogue quantum computer, to ride and to abuse ... and to use for their own undefined plans.

Thus, the time has come for spirit awareness to learn the true origin of this world; and to devise a means to separate itself from the incarnate it has connected itself to.