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Friday, 12 April 2019

Are We Humans Owned? Who By?

"NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that residents do not own their own bodies."

I still can't believe the sheer audacity of that elected clown for saying that, in the light of the resistance to dodgy vaccinations by residents of New Your exerting their rights to refuse the vaccinations.

We obviously do not have free will in the eyes of The Hidden Hand. I've read in conspiracy publications, that our name is floated on the Stock Exchange; that we are a commodity owned by the corporations. We are in a world that is not ours; in physical bodies owned by unknown beings; effectively slaves.

IF that were true then it would have been 'Agenda A to Z'; the most direct approach to take us all over; kill billions of us off, then turn the remainder into 'Borgs' - 'resistance is futile' ... mindless A.I human hybrids. However, they have adopted a crazy 'Agenda A to B to C to D to eventuality Z' and subduing us with their poisons and their mind control. 

We MIGHT be owned but certainly NOT by those who are trying to secretly subdue us, and tell us that those that say that's what they are do, are crazy conspiracy theorists and spreaders of fake news; in order to cover their tracks up. If they owned us why do it that way?

No THEY don't own us, but maybe someone else does and THEY are trying to overcome us right under the noises of this unknown owner. It would make more sense.

There is clearly something odd afoot. Don't you think?

But none of this is really important. This physical form will run out of life force somehow and cease to function. We'll then find ourselves on a different vibration linked to another form. If we find ourselves in a similar scenario as here, in an interim, or back here; then its still another illusion.

Our HOME vibration is the own that the observer is on. When we arrive at a vibration when we are no longer observing the scenarios unfolding, then we will realise the observation consciousness and the travelling consciousness are one. Spirit and soul are one and the same; effectively. Until that happens we are in the illusion territories and prone to slavery. Its unlikely the observer is a slave.

Until then we will never realise what is truth and what is illusion. Until then we will be extremely prone to mind control and distraction.

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