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Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Year is 2040 and Wanted Escapees Live Below Ground

I went to sleep with a clear intention of seeing what the world would be like in years to come. I set the time 2040, 41 years from now.

I entered into dream state. 

Immediately, my awareness was drawn to a myriad of tunnels below ground. People living in fear under ground. Aware of the dangers above their heads; surviving with scant possessions and limited supplies of food or water.

My entire night, last night, was spent exploring different scenarios. With insights on places below ground I didn't even know existed. I learned in times past, mankind had been faced with this same threat of extinction. Genocide by radiation is nothing new. So many places hidden from human eyes, on the surface of the world, exist below ground.

 I became aware of a future, where a group of mankind survive and flourish. Rebels by nature and rebels by name, hunted down by the human/A.I hybrids that wander the surface of the earth. But the atmosphere is too tarnished with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to live; or wander for too long. My comprehension was that a net of dangerous radiation surrounds the earth; creating another world on a different vibration ... into which human awareness was taken. Leaving those that resisted behind ... on a world almost destroyed by the radiation. They were wanted like escapees, and were hunted by these hybrid beings.

I watched some brave souls of this group go up to the surface world to look for much needed supplies and un-affected water. A special form of clothing had been designed, somewhere, that enabled these travellers to wander the surface world unaffected, for a short length of time.

Towards the end of my time in this future society, I was handed some form of technology that explained the history of the world; it gave me clues and directives of where the world is going now ... I was shocked to read of events yet to unfold that I knew to be the truth.

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