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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Nervous Bilderbergers & Oil Kings

[David Icke]: It was not by coincidence that yesterday marked the beginning of four different meetings of some of the world’s most powerful, despotic and increasingly nervous bloodline feudalists. In Montreux, Switzerland the 67th Bilderberg Meeting began with 130 participants from 23 countries.

Today in Mecca, Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud hosts the 14th Summit of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This follows the start yesterday of two hastily announced emergency meetings in Mecca among the 22 members of the Arab League and the 6 members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

The Bilderberg agenda includes China, Russia, climate change and sustainability, the importance of space, and the weaponization of social media.

Participants include Bush oil guru James Baker, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, Lazard Freres Director Vernon Jordan, Henry Kissinger, Jared Kushner, KKR Global Institute Chairman Gen. David Petraeus, Council of Foreign Relations Co-Chair and former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, New York Times National Security Correspondent David Sanger, Google’s Eric Schmidt, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, tech financier Peter Thiel, HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker, and Ford Foundation President Darren Walker.

Of interest is that this year’s meeting was announced only two days ahead of time and is being held in the bloodline Nazi stronghold Swiss Alps. Last year’s Bilderberg agenda included Iran, which explains why their oil sheik puppets are meeting simultaneously in Mecca.

The Saudi ringleaders are desperate to patch up rifts which they themselves created within the Arab world. Playing their traditional role of paymaster for the European fondi, the Saudis have funded violence and mayhem in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Yemen. They recently backed the militaries of both Sudan and Algeria amidst political turmoil in those countries. They have been enforcing a blockade against fellow GCC member Qatar and alienated GCC ally Oman in the process. 

Both Iran and the Palestinians refuse to be cowed, technical troubles in the roll out of the Crown’s 5G depopulation ace-in-the-hole abound, Russia is talking of sending troops to Venezuela, China continues to win converts like Greece and Italy to its One Belt One Road initiative, and the world’s population continues to awaken to the fact that a few demonic, bloodthirsty and badly inbred families have been lording over us for centuries.

In their intellectually-compromised DNA-corrupted state, these laughable Luciferians thought they would march out some magic technology which would allow them to hunt us down like dogs. Instead we have trained their DARPA-created Internet weapon on them. Smile “royals”, you are now under surveillance 24/7. Hope you didn’t forget to pack the Depends. more>>>

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