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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Ancient Modern Times

[David Icke]: Through the ethers, the galaxies, and the dust that compose the very biology of our Universe from life to death and back again, the World is shifting backwards in time to some place we had experienced 13,000 years ago.

This approximately places our era to 11,000 BCE, a little before the event of the Great Flood a thousand years later.

What is time? Is it not but a construct of Saturn, the Crypt Keeper? The one who invented time to narrow our attention span to fixate on survival versus the childlike wonders and joys that is and comes of our Soul? But you see, Saturn plays as many names, for he is the primeval multi-faceted Sun God.

In his efforts to condense the Human Soul, he spawned time as the Sun that dictates our very motions throughout Life, from our waking and sleeping to our digestion and the crops we grow to the luck of our decisions. He is the master of the hologram and the Sun who emits the laser that casts this prism we call Reality. But here is a clue: he too is bound to time just as we are, for he has set a time limit on his reign.

How do we know this? Because what we create is only a product of who we are, and karma is but an offspring of this law of attraction as the seeker of justice. Therefore, Saturn had not only created time, but he BECAME TIME, implying the hourglass is destined to run dry at any moment. So when will that moment be? more>>>...

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