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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

DARPA Programmers & Sacred Science Rhetoric

[David Icke]: Most opponents of 5G and artificial intelligence maintain that EMF radiation and surveillance are the biggest dangers this much-touted “fourth industrial revolution” presents to humanity.

But if you plunge a little deeper down the rabbit hole you will find that the entire cybernetics revolution is mainly concerned with mass mind control, counter-revolution and the Luciferian destruction of your soul.

Take a closer look at the language ushered in by the computer age and some clues will become apparent. Language is important as grammar and rhetoric are two of the seven sacred sciences which the Freemason death cult uses to control humanity for their Project Monarch royal bosses, who themselves received this secret human manipulation knowledge from the Nephilim fallen angels.

The first phase of the computer revolution involved “programmers”. This word takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that the Nazi-abetting IBM worked closely with the US military (which absorbed Nazi eugenics ideology into its ranks via Project Paper Clip after WWII) to develop computers. In other words the Pentagon are the more>>>...

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