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Friday, 16 March 2007

The Penal Sign

'The sign of a Fellow Craft Mason' as it is called 'is made by raising the right hand to the left breast with the palm, towards the the breast and the fingers crooked. Then draw the hand smartly across the breast from left to right and let it drop to the side" During this action, the left hand is raised in the air while it is bent at the elbow. making a back to front L.

'In performing the sign the individual is taking his right hand from left to right.'

The sign is made to remind the person giving it of his oath taken, that if he discloses the secrets of the Order or gives aid and comfort to his enemies, he should have his right breast torn open and the heart torn out.

In sum this is a ghastly sign warning of death to he who dares betray the order of the Illuminati.