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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Today's Comment

O what tangled webs we lead ...

We anticipate our own importance in the tiny part of existence which is our life span. We interact with other 'mortals' and exert our right to be noticed, or ascend perhaps to 'fame' and 'fortune'. In those milleseconds within the life span of the universe between us all, we experience every human emotion, every human experience ... every conceivable act of human-ness. We all live within the current human civilisation and dare to perceive it is the most important or the most notable.

Then the cosmic tide comes in and those temporary tracks we've collectively made in the sand are cleared ... and the tapestry is wiped clean. For the next part of the cosmic life span to continue.

In a thousand years, we may well be collectively remembered as the civilisation that were constantly at war with each other. That had the convenience of terrorists among them to help human governments advance their agendas. We may be even remembered as the civilisation that had '911' .... it might be as legendary as Troy or Culloden. We might be remembered. But we might not.

In ten thousand years ... I doubt our footsteps will ever be recalled. Our importance is momentary in it all. Faced with the enormity of infinity or magic of creation, most human beings experience brain failure at such thoughts. Lost deep in their daily chores and concerns, spiritual concepts are rarely internally debated for more than a passing moment.

The concept of 'something being created out of nothing' or trying to imagine 'nothingness' will probably send most minds into overload. Spend a moment or two trying to comprehend all of the universe, all of human existence, all life on this planet ... suddenly coming from nothing. There has to have been a start ... but what was before it all? How can there have been something eternally? How can everything have always been? What is beyond it ... how was it formed? How can nothing evolve to something? It is mind boggling ... and is a perfect tonic for expanding consciousness.

Forgetting human-ness even for a moment is bliss in itself. Rising out of the man made time restraints of 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour ... is a wondrous thing. Entering into inner dialogue, where timelessness exists ... is a perfect doorway into comprehending the enormity of it all.

Attempting to define true spirituality is another good concept to contemplate. Spend a moment to write down your understanding of 'spirit'. Forget for a moment the endless drip drip of sceptical tedium that states 'there is no life after death'. Forget that constant wasp drone for a moment. Let yourself believe there is life after physical death (even if you don't believe it ...) just for a moment ... enter those precious moments of timeless contemplation and imagine what it must be like to experience being a 'spirit' ... what it is like to be free of this physical form. It is an inspiration to set the mind free in this way ...

Breaking down such stigmatic and binding restraints is a real bonus in this life. Expanding the mind out of the restraints of mortality ~ ignoring the mortgage demand, the bills, the feeling of illness ~ is not an easy thing to do. But we get tied down by the mundane and as a result the bulk of our brain power ceases to function adequately. We become lethargic and fearful. We place more and more importance on these moments in human time. We become limited and thus powerless.

By expanding our minds to imagine; to contemplate; to meditate beyond those mortal restraints we get a true sense of the universal consciousness of which we are all a part. We sense more the unity of all things in the universe. We being to realise there is definitely an intelligence behind the design of existence. Nothing is haphazard. It is all by clever design. It is mystery of infinite possibilities of which we humans are but a tiny part. An average life span of three score years and ten (approx) seems a long time for most humans to comprehend, but compared with the lifespan of stars and planets, it is no time at all.

It is no time at all. It is but a moment in the totality of the infinity which we are part of . Now is a good a time as any to start taking moments out from the busy routine of life to think about expanding the mind ... the health of the physical body can only benefit from those moments.


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