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Thursday, 19 February 2009

A Word on 'Reiki'

A “laying-on of hands” energy healing method called “Reiki”, has been getting quite popular lately. What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word that basically means “universal life energy” in English, and means many different things in Japan other than the Reiki healing system.

Reiki practitioners believe the healing techniques and abilities must be given from a Reiki master, to those wishing to do Reiki healing. These abilities are “imparted” for a fee, in stages. In each stage, you get a new “secret symbol” and an “attunement”, that allows you to perform the next level of healing. Practitioners believe that a Reiki master must “give” the various levels of ability to someone.

In the field of magic, you know, like black magic, white magic, etc., there are various levels of learning and skill. Being able to do magic with just thought, is the highest form. Ritual magic, is the lower form. Ritual magic involves the use of magical “props”, “symbols”, and ceremonies. Ritual magic is how a magician begins learning however. Using the props and ceremonies helps a magician believe in the magic, and thus develop their thought ability. When one believes something is real, the mind begins to make it real. But once mastered, the magician learns that only the mind is required.

Reiki involves using “symbols”. If this helps the practitioner, that’s ok. But we know that the same energy, actually more, can be wielded with just visualization. And more effectively. This “triggers” the mind, belief, and generates the energy flow without the need for, or limitation of, symbols. Advanced Reiki, see? Then it is merely a matter of directing your energy where you want it, via visualisation.

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