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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Word on "Chiromancy"

Psychic Revelation: When people talk about having their palm read what they are actually referring to is chiromancy (sometimes spelled as cheiromancy). Although the finger and palm prints on a person's hand will remain unchanged throughout life (unless subject to deep trauma) the creases do not. And it is the study of these creases that concerns us with chiromancy. Although chiromancy does not "predict" in the same way that Tarot does it does give a valuable insight into the present and any prevalent trends. hence it will allow you to make changes now that will affect your future. It is best to take a set of inked impressions of the hands as this will show up far more detail than is available to the naked eye. Printer's ink will give the best quality. You will need a very smooth flat surface (polished brass is ideal). Squeeze a small amount out for each palm and use a rubber roller to gradually spread it until it becomes hand-sized. The final color should be a flat grey, not black. If it appears black and shiny you have used too much ink. Place a piece of kitchen paper on the inked surfaces and run the roller over it as this will remove the excess. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for removal of the ink afterwards. Water soluble ink can be used if you prefer - the quality is not quite as good but it will more>>>...