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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Countdown to 21.12.12 - 3 Days

Countdown to the 'End Of Time' 
... 3 days and counting to the supposed end of time. 3 days isn't very long is it? It's come around very quick ... too quick in truth. Time certainly ain't what it used to be. It's a different kettle of fish to how it was 'when I was a child' ... you know the old cliche thing. I'm showing my age ... yes, I'm 47 ... and in 3 days (If the scaremonger brigade would have it) my mortal life is coming to a close. I don't believe it personally. I've looked at the Mayan thing for decades ... and never really thought it would ever materialise. I guess I've created my own reality. Its my own perception of the whole thing. A perception I know is completely different to so many others on this planet. To some, I know, I am wacky, weird, a misfit, strange, one of them psychic nutters ... the list goes on and on. I just don't care.

What I deal with is realism. A reality I can grasp, inspect and understand. This Mayan thing is parallel with the fable of the angels and higher ascended beings. It's not something I have ever grasped readily. Guides are the same. What I see with regard to these things is a completely different blue print than the ready minds to accept these glamours. I've never bought these tee shirts. I've never seen the emperor's new clothes. I've always seen these things as they really are. I don't buy fantasies easily. 

My work is based on validations and facts. The scientific world and the created sceptics would hound me for saying this. But I care not. Nearly 30 years in a chosen field ... you learn certain things and have a certain understanding.

Right now ... with 72 hours to the fabled end of time? What do I care ... I don't. I'm not in a dug out surrounded by supplies. I'm not calling in the angels or praying. I'm writing on my blog before going to bed. I have a certain thing I wish to write ... but it ain't a confession to a made up god in the sky. It might be a middle finger up in the sky to those who broadcast this holographic reality from the Moon. I'm sure they know I know it is all bullshit by now. I'm sure they've done their best to suppress me. But I'm still here ...

And I am very watchful. I've seen the recent signs and driftwood collecting together ... flotsam with flotsam. Jetsam with jetsam. Like with like. Yes, the sides have been gathered and the lines in the sand drawn. 

It's a very subdued state in human existence. Media lies. Problem-reaction-solution plays around the world to force freewill into avenues that THEY want us to take. I am anti-they. I am practising on a daily basis encouraging people to have free will. To be themselves. It may only be a small percentage of people in the world. But it will be having an effect.

This effect is being felt. The efforts of the honest and genuine is gradually creating a strain on the tog of war rope ... and the efforts of the psychopath and selfish are now being seen for what they are ...

I personally can't wait for the morning of 22.12.12 ... but tell me when they determined that 21.12.12 was the end of the world ... in what time zone was it going to happen?? We are slightly ahead here ... so are we going to go through the end of time because it is meant to happen GMT time ??? Or are we meant to get it first. They don't explain that bit. I'm kinda ROFL, or PMSL over it all ... because it is just another scaremonger tactic and a means for the minority to control the majority by fear again ...