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Monday, 17 December 2012

Countdown to 21.12.12: Enhanced Awareness

It's been interesting witnessing the perceptions and view points of others, regarding 2012 and beyond. It's been eye opening to say the least. I've felt particularly calm during the torrid sea of this year.from my vantage point I've seen the panic and confusion of other members of the human race ... it's not been pleasant viewing at times. The very worst in human emotions has been there on the surface.

It's been crazy. The truth is too much to take for some people! Some are so lost on the human material illusion that they fall for the experience hook line and sinker.

Now is the time to reconnect with our spiritual selves. I can say that with almost certainty. It's that time. That crossroads in our evolutionary paths. And it's not just because its 2012 and all that. It just seems to be coincidental. Either by design or crazy accident, it matters not. Something significant really is afoot.

Something is no longer the same. The vibrational fabric of our physical nature has changed. Awareness is very much different to how it was. It is being felt and experienced on many different ways by people all over the world and in different walks of life.

And it's a simple fact that I feel like I'm on the crest of the wave with this change in awareness ...I'm in a front line position with the type of work I do and the life I lead. It's been felt just the same by other sensitives walking the path. There are significant numbers of people now waking up from their somnambulist state and finding their lives are no longer the sane. They feel something is afoot too.

The question here is how far up the materialism pyramid does this new awareness reach?

How are the very academic and analytic humans feeling it? How is it manifesting in their lives??

And how are THEY feeling it? They who control us. The minority who ride us like a wheel. They who users as slaves? How are they feeling the change in tension on our leash? They are aware that is for sure. It has been prepared for with all the toxins in air, water and food. With all the attempted hot wiring of our DNA and bodies ...

How are they feeling this shift in awareness I wonder? I sense fear and panic in truth. The cornerstones of their pyramid are being pushed. It won't be long until it all comes crashing down!

The next question mark is ...those who see earth and all of its inhabitants as their commodity are they seeing all of this? Is earth becoming a liability I wonder? What are they planning to do about it? Further genetic modification of the slave race or destruction of the atmosphere we so desperately need to exist on this vibration?

It's an awareness point Iam visiting at the moment. It's all about consequences. What lies ahead? Evolvement, modification or destruction? Will we mere human slaves ever know the answer?