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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Two Days Left...

Well, here we are at the end of one of the most anticipated years of this century. A controversial number passed with ease - 21.12 didn't think the world was really going to end did you? Did you? You weren't one of those gullible souls who spent this year encamped in fear?

I mean it was so obvious the Mayan 'thing' was a complete hoax Our countdown on here was a spoof look at our sad and sorry world. I never once believed the crazy end of world claims!

However ...

I am not saying 2012 hasn't been significant! It has. It is. My own year has been a strange one. Just like for many others out there.

Emotionally things are no longer the same. Energetically things are not the same. This dimension has shifted towards something else. Our awareness is somehow phasing into something else. I've mentioned all this before well as the spiritual detox that so many of us are going through. This weekend I spoke with clients with the self same symptoms who have also seen their doctor about it. Once again nothing shows up in tests.

It's happening!

But what is happening you ask? I call it The Light Of Truth that is bombarding the earth plane with its energy. The age of light is here..and to be that which you truly are you must first lose that which you are not ...

I sense remnant energies of The Golden age are flowing around this planet. The THEY who control us do not want us to be free. They lose their slaves. Prepare for the time of mutiny and increased loses of freedom as we break free.

I did a brief meditation earlier. I felt the earth vibration before the arrival of the moon. Then came to very much aware of the 'moon pressure' that limits our true vibration. The moon has slowed the earth's vibration down into this mechanical enslaved vibration. The original vibration of the earth permitted true expression.

There is so much we have lost and so much to gain back ...exciting times are ahead.

Matthew James 30.12.12

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