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Monday, 31 December 2012

Attention Lightworkers!

First posted on A Light In The Darkness on Thursday 19th January 2012: Attention all Lightworkers! This is an important post at this time. Over the last week many of us have become aware of some kind of negative attack on ourselves instigated by an unseen force! At first I thought it was just myself that was feeling an emotional distress over Sunday & Monday. However, I have since learnt that there are hundreds of lightworkers across the world who felt the same on those days. If you are reading this ... and felt ‘shitty’ over last weekend. With symptoms such as inexplicable depression & sorrow; dehydration; upset stomach in the solar plexus area – then take heed! You are currently under some form of negative psychic attack!
There has also been an alarming amount of arguments & displeasure within the ‘new age movement’ over recent days. Some serious negative influence appear to be at work here ... with dozens of gentle & caring souls being subjected to unprovoked attacks by fellow ‘lightworkers’. I’ve witnessed this here in Australia; but have had it brought to my attention it is taking place in the UK & in the more>>>...

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