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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Self Transformation

Llewellyn Worldwide: Obviously, “self-transformation” means to grow and change, to become different and better. To become more than ‘human.’ And it means you have to do it yourself; no one can really do it for you. Others may help with information and guidance, by providing favorable circumstance and environment, but this becoming super-human is your own life purpose.  No, we are not talking about a fantasy super-race. It’s not a matter of genetics, breeding, or even education. Education can help by providing a solid foundation that makes study and practice easier. Good ‘breeding’ in the old sense of childhood training and parental example helps provide the discipline and visionary capacity so valuable to the journey. Just as all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so – in reality – is all transformation self-transformation. In either case, help can be provided by others – whether the voice of a hypnotist or the setting of a Golden Dawn ceremony. “Initiation” is another word for self-transformation. In a magical lodge, a stage setting can be provided, and a priest can transmit vision and energy, but if the student isn't ready, even the best teacher will fail. It’s the properly prepared student who is necessary, not the priest nor the setting. Humans are born to discover their own purpose in life – not to have a synthesized “approved” version programmed into them that more likely serves an institution in which the person is submerged. The education of a magician requires much more than the education of an engineer or medical physician because it really is the education of a human being readied for self-transformation beyond ordinary humanity into priesthood of men and women who are self-motivated, self-empowered, and – ultimately – self-transformed. Humans are born to become more>>>...

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