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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Banquet of Souls

Waking Times: Now is a time for reckoning. There is no place left to hide. Stand and be recognized. We are not earthworms, born to burrow in the soil and be walked upon. We are spirit and we will rise. It is written in our souls like it is written in nature. A butterfly leaving the cocoon is a picture of our spirit leaving the mineral content of our being upon death into a more rarified strata. A butterfly is a flower liberated from the constraints of the earth. We were not meant to be enslaved. Our natural condition is continual elevation. This is why we are drawn to great works of art. They remind us of who we really are and where we are from. They remind us of the greatness that lies dormant, buried within, waiting for the right conditions beneath the visible surface to ascend in complete defiance of gravity and presumption and explode into the glorious perfection of blossom, fruit and seed only to die and return to the soil which in itself is a picture of the returning spirit to its origins in preparation of a new life. This life comes with a price. As night follows day there is the inevitable confrontation with evil whose purpose is to define the light and the good... read more>>>... 

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