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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Spiritual Myths: "Lemurian Healing"

Reiki Training: Lemurian healing energy is a wonderful pure flowing vibration. It is unlike any other energy I have experienced. Diana Cooper describes it as being ten times the power of Reiki. With Lemurian energy, giving is very close to receiving as the giver is also connected to and experiencing the energy. The unicorns work very closely with this healing and their presence is often very palpable. It should be used as much and by as many people as possible before 2012 in order to heal the energy within the planet. Learn how to recognising & attune to Lemurian crystals and how to use them in healing. Attune to the Cosmic Heart, connect to the unicorns & Mother Mary. You may be especially drawn to Lemurian Healing if you have a deep love of nature. Lemurians were able to draw down the light and love of Source through the cosmic heart and project it into the more>>>...