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Friday, 18 January 2013

A Word On 'Possession & Predatory Entities'

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Had a very unusual and interesting subject matter in a Skype reading recently. Put it this way ... the content of reading concerned the actual possession of my client by a predatory entity. It is not something that I normally have to deal with ... what reinforced the reading for me was that her husband was present at the time of the reading ... and he could validate a number of the physical phenomena that was happening to my client ...

Put simply, this poor unfortunate soul had been cleverly tricked by a cunning entity into believing that the choices she made to invoke this entity ... were down to her own freewill. In other words, the entity had already attached itself to her and was influencing her mind to undertake the summoning to make the connection with the entity that much more powerful ... because she had given the permission to it to enter her mind.

I'm NOT going to discuss any personal details of the situation ... BUT I've have added it here to serve as a REAL LIFE WARNING that dealing with unknown entities that profess to be 'angelic' or 'an ascended being' can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. These entities tend to enter into people's lives when they least expectt it (Usually by association with someone who has been dealing with these entities or even talking about these entities) and then influence their freewill to become interested in means of invoking one to gain from this invocation.

These entities prey on the weak and the vulnerable ... especially people who are dabbling in arts and with beings they do not truly understand ....