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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gripe of the Day

Forgive my familiar sounding gripe to early and mid-2012 but ... I just had to bring it up again ...

Especially since I have recently received MORE written evidence of someone accusing me of poaching clients/members from a local psychic/teachers development group ...

Let me state here and now ... I have NEVER done that in all my years as a professional in this industry. It is NOT my style ... it is not professionally ethical or something you do. I have no need ... I encourage people to come to me by freewill only. I do not adopt hard sales tactics to get clients. Not now. Not ever.

What I will say is ... 'she who calls the kettle black' has signed Stat Dec evidence that states she is doing exactly the same to me and much more. I am sick and tired of these disgusting slanders still surfacing.

It's sadly the same 'psychic medium' as the last time round ... who is NOT learning her lesson ... karma is the best teacher and karma is a real bitch. It always comes around and in the form you least expect. 2013 is the year of karmic return for this lady ... mark my words.