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Friday, 11 January 2013

Reptilian Revelations Out of Africa

New Dawn Magazine: South Africa-based Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa confirms the story of reptilian-extraterrestrials in Africa, another hidden chapter of the lost history of Planet Earth. Having traveled throughout the world, Credo Mutwa, says that the “legends” of the interactions of humans and reptilians are common knowledge in Australia among the Aborigines, the cultures of Japan and Taiwan, as well as indigenous Native American people like the Mayans, Sioux, Cree, and many others. The Hopis’ Kachina, for example, reflects their understanding of the extraterrestrials’ presence on earth. Now it seems that only so-called Western civilisation authorities officially deny the existence of these creatures. In an interview with Rick Martin, Credo Mutwa explains the manipulation of life on earth by these negative entities, “Our people believe that we, the people of this Earth, are not masters of our own lives, although we are made to think that we are.” Referring to the reptilian race, he says they are called “Chitauri” which means “the dictators” and “‘the ones who tell us the law.’ In other words, they who tell us secretly what we are to do.” The intergalactic con for Earth-based humanity began with the arrival of the reptilians, who wasted no time in setting themselves up as “gods” and “overseers” to the humans living on the planet. Credo Mutwa says that “when the Chitauri came to Earth, they arrived in terrible vessels which flew through the air, vessels shaped like great bowls, which made a terrible noise and a terrible fire in the sky. The Chitauri told human beings, whom they gathered together by force with whips of lightning, that they were great gods from the sky and that from now on they would receive a number of great gifts from the gods.” Of course, there would be hell to pay, so to speak, for these alleged “gifts.” Was the gift of “religion” one of them? more>>>...