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Friday, 18 January 2013

Sedna Mythology

Astrology.Richard Brown: Several versions of the Sedna myth exist amongst the Inuit, who live in northern Canada and Greenland, but the basic plot line above is more or less consistent through the variations. An elaboration of some of those variations follows. Most versions of the myth describe a beautiful young Inuit woman, Sedna, living with her widower father, although one version does mention her mother being alive. She is unmarried upon reaching adulthood, often having rejected several suitable young men as husbands. Some versions say she rejected suitors from pride, others say she simply refused to follow tradition. Some versions of the myth have her taking a first husband, a dog. In one version the dog marriage is punishment by her father for refusing to marry and the marriage consummated by the dog raping Sedna, but in another version Sedna falls in love with the dog who proves to be a kind a loving husband. Some versions have no offspring from the dog marriage, but other versions have both human and canine offspring who go on to be the ancestors of Europeans and Inuit. In any event, the dog dies, is killed by the father, or drops out of the more>>>...