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Friday, 4 January 2013

Swedish Bitters Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Kwintessential; Originally formulated by Paracelcus, Swedish Bitters was rediscovered during the 18th century by Dr. Urban Hjärne and Dr. Claus Samst, two Swedish medics. Later, an Austrian herbalist Maria Treben strongly promoted it for its wonderful treatment properties. The tonic is available in various formulations in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Swedish Bitters is known to generally contain rhubarb root, aloe, saffron, camphor, angelica root, zedvoary root, carline thistle root, myrrh, senna leaves and theriac venezia.

When listing the uses of Swedish Bitters, the list would be quite exhaustive. It can easily be termed as a wonder tonic that heals most ailments you may suffer from. You may use it to clean wounds as an antiseptic, clear away all blemishes or scars from your body, sooth any burns, fight toothache, improve digestion, fight off insomnia and skin allergies, as well as use as a lubricant and treat many more ailments.

Swedish Bitters is extremely helpful for pregnant women and helps fight morning sickness. It is excellent for breast-feeding moms as it works effectively in reducing the inflammation of the nipples. Even people suffering from epilepsy, eye infections, hemorrhoids, frostbites, eye diseases etc have shown great improvement by consuming this more>>>...