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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Legacy

Extract taken from The Chronicles Of Ezra - Written by Matthew James 1997

Thus it would go down in history that we, the children of the one, would be the cause of the second fall of Atlantis. It would be written that the uprising began below ground in the caverns by a rebel force who refused to comply with the government and its laws. How fitting. The TRUE rebels. The TRUE servants of the darkness would declare the preservers of the truth as the enemy. It would be the start of a trend of accusations that would become part of The Sons Of Belial’s reportage in the eons that would follow.

Thus, we had very little choice. We would have to leave or face extermination. The legacy had to be preserved. It could not be written down, else Belial would learn of our intentions further. Luckily, the members of our group who left had been unruly and untrustworthy - thus they had been shown little of the inner workings of the legacy. Their assigned circle had been on one of the outermost circles. What they would have learned Belial would already know.

The source voice within all of us assured us collectively the structure was now a living collective consciousness. Its existence was safe. It was a vibration now in its own right. No matter where we were in existence our experiences would be added to the collective and become part of the living memory.

THE LEGACY HAD BEEN FORGED. Our initial work was done.

Without warning, a group of black robed assassins appeared in the centre of the hall. They immediately started to attack everyone close by. Their method of murder was with razor tipped crystal knives. A series of screams brought me back from a pleasant visualisation. Then I was up on my feet shaking those who had yet woken. Warning all and sundry what was happening. Sadly, before the assassins could be overpowered, at least two hundred of our group lay dead. The assassins were then treated in the same way. They had their own knives turned on them.

Then just as we had overcome the shock of the attack, another much bigger group appeared. They too were armed with crystal knives. As they cut their way through our group I heard the dreaded sound of a mining drill close by. The Sons of Belial were about to cut their way through into the hall! We all had to leave now or perish!

The sound of the drill came closer and closer. Then a hole began to form in the side wall of the great hall. Then, through the debris a large group of black robed cult members burst through with more elaborate weaponry. Quite quickly there was panic and confusion in our ranks. I watched red laser sights began to bounce off the walls of the hall of records. I was scared. We all were scared. There seemed no escape. The Sons Of Belial were more powerful than us. They had at their disposal the weaponry and technology of mass destruction and they were intent on using it on us. Very soon we would all perish if we didn’t make our escape.