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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Thoughts For The Day

Extract taken from 'The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis' by Jon Peniel Page 183
"There are many charlatans out there. And as far as charlatans go, what you get, or get exposed to personally, mainly depends on you, and what your motives are. If you just want to 'mess around' or 'seem spiritual' or think you are spiritual, then you'll get the charlatans. But if you really want to help or become truly spiritual - kind, caring, harmless, giving - then you'll find the real thing.

Many people are taking courses, going to seminars, classes and channels, that are conducted by charlatans, and they're perfectly fine with it. It's the real thing that most people are afraid of. Essentially you get what's coming to you - you get what you deserve - or to put more accurately, you get what you are really after inside. Whether you know it or not."