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Friday, 4 January 2013

World first as scientists create cancer-killing cells that can be injected into patients

Daily Mail: Scientists have created cells capable of killing cancer for the first time. The dramatic breakthrough was made by researchers in Japan who created cancer-specific killer T cells. They say the development paves the way for the cells being directly injected into cancer patients for therapy. The cells naturally occur in small numbers, but it is hoped injecting huge quantities back into a patient could turbo-charge the immune system. Researchers at the RIKEN Research Centre for Allergy and Immunology revealed they have succeeded for the first time in creating cancer-specific, immune system cells called killer T lymphocytes. To create these, the team first had to reprogramme T lymphocytes specialised in killing a certain type of cancer, into another type of cell called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). These iPS cells then generated fully active, cancer-specific T lymphocytes. These lymphocytes regenerated from iPS cells could potentially serve as cancer therapy in the more>>>... OPINION: They've been able to cure cancer for a long, long time. That fact has been withheld from the public arena. As have the natural cures for cancer. As has the 'understanding' of the nature of cancer. It's very sad that 'the shadow people' see cancer as a money making scheme and a means of mass murder. The above treatment has trojan horse and money making scheme written all over it. Sadly.