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Friday, 11 January 2013

You Need the Astral Plane to Understand Secret Symbols and Ancient Knowledge

Waking Times: Most of the symbols in use today have their origins in the symbols of the distant past. It’s unfortunate that so many people have taken wrong direction when it comes to understanding ancient knowledge, but it’s not surprising considering the suppression that has been going on for so long. When studying ancient cultures people draw all kinds of theories about their symbols, but they don’t understand that they are looking at the symbolic universal language of the astral plane, probably because they have seldom if ever been there. Some interpret them as tales of evil reptilians and codes of evil societies, but without understanding that without esoteric knowledge, you can’t interpret the more profound meanings in the symbols of ancient civilizations. Nor can you get esoteric knowledge without finding it beyond this three-dimensional world. And no one can get profound esoteric knowledge without becoming an initiate. Esoteric symbols are the language of the astral plane, and that is their origin, just as it is the location of ghosts, demons, angels, divine beings and much of the paranormal. Ancient peoples used the astral plane for knowledge and brought back it’s symbolism for use in their teachings and more>>>...