Search A Light In The Darkness

Monday, 5 October 2015


So many people wrongly judge others. Their perception and assessment of others is so often tarnished by a negative viewpoint given to them by someone else.

We should never judge a book or a movie based on someone else's impression of that book or movie. We are all unique and individual in our experiences. How we might view or experience someone or something is not necessarily how someone is going to view or experience that same someone or something.

We should never have our perceptions programmed in this way. In a sense this is the 'dark side of the light', where our own freewill is controlled by someone else's intentions. So often friendships and business deals are deliberately destroyed by someone going out of their way to spread negative perceptions of something or someone.

It should not be the case. We all should only judge a person by our own experiences. We should remain open minded and not be swayed by someone else's gaze into that reflection.

Material life demands unique experiences. Unique experiences between individuals. Where two individuals might be in conflict ... it might not be the case if you were to come in contact with either of those conflicting forces. Yet if we were to ask for an opinion of either of those conflicting forces, from one of those in the conflict, the impression of the opposite force would be based on that experience of conflict. It won't necessarily reflect how you were to experience that force or individual.

Too often we rush into a judgement of someone or something based on these perceptions provided by what we read or hear. Advertising is a perfect example of this. We are guided by positive words and symbolism, to purchase something that we should 'want' ... something we wouldn't necessarily purchase other wise.

In summary, our own freewill and our own freedom of expression is unique to ourselves. It is constantly bombarded by viewpoints and programmings by outside forces. We have a divine right to shine as our authentic self demands. Our left brain, or ego, is a very insecure part of ourselves. It is programmed to survive at all costs and it relies on outside judgements to make headway in this material world. Our right brain or authentic self awareness needs no outside reflections to shine. It just is what it is ...

Next time you are compelled to react to a something or someone based on the perception of someone else, remember to remain open minded and find out your own experience of that someone or something. It may well prove an entirely different experience to what was expected. If you'd been swayed to avoid a person or a product by someone else's negative words, just think then what you'd have missed out on, if you'd followed their biased advice - Matthew James