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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Totem Animal for the Day

Today's Totem Animal is the Common Myna

Mynas are also a symbol that you can bring out your personality when surrounded by your circle of friends. Myna people are better in the presence of their friends and families. People who have myna as their totem love to be in the company of someone close to them, it make them feel secured and protected.

Mynas are constantly seen as a pet of the royalties. A sign that you should always be proud of who you are. People will recognize you for your abilities; it is never good to hide behind a fraud personality. Take the limelight and show your talents. Mynas also possess a certain level of intelligence reminding us to continue seeking for knowledge. Look at the myna and analyze it, look on how it showcases its intelligence, listen to every word and action it is showing you, and learn something from it.

Myna shows as a spirit guide when...

You are having a difficulty in voicing your opinion.
You have a plan to travel abroad.
You are not getting the support you need.
You are losing your confidence.
You are seeking for new wisdom.

Call on Myna as a spirit guide when...

You are working on a group project.
You need to uplift you self esteem.