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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

We Are What We Think

We all are so lost in what has happened in the past, or what might happen in the future, to truly appreciate what is around us in the now. In truth, the now is all we have. It is our reality. It is our point of focus as we wander through life as an incarnated being on this physical world. The now is precious. Vital. It is imperative it has our full focus.

The mandate for physical existence is as follows. The 'past now' which shaped the 'then future' which is the now should be assimilated, and absorbed into the harmony of 'the all that there is'. By learning from the 'past now' we can focus our thought form energy into producing the correct 'future' dependent on the way we feel right now.

So few of us concentrate our focus on the now. That thought form energy is wrongly used to perpetuate the misgivings of the 'past now' ... and then we are shocked that those misgivings move with us in our 'future;.

We are what we think. This 'physical' realm is created and influenced by energy of thought. It is made up of thought forms. Because our consciousness creates thoughts, so our consciousness can control this reality - Matthew James.