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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Crossing

We, human beings, are at a very strange and difficult point in our existence. From this week forth nothing can ever be the same. What stretches around us is the binding universal figure of eight. Before we stood on the threshold between the two rings of the figure of eight.

But now we have crossed over the threshold into the other side of the figure eight. We have crossed from the time of the darkness into the time of the light. It is that simple yet so complex. The ancients talked of The Crossing, an event that occurs every 12,000 - 25,000 years. It is now. It is happening as I write this ...

Yet do you feel any different? But things are no longer the same. Look at your life and compare how you think and how you feel to how you were 6 months ago. Things have changed. It is so subtle yet so profound. Your mind has changed. Your vibration now higher ... but your ego prevents you from leaving your known live behind. It is a comfort zone. It is so familiar.

Yet, it is now all about to change. This is the Time Of The Crossing and we stood in its shadow for so long. In the ancient past this was the point where our world went from the orbit of the black sun (Saturn) into the orbit of the sun we now see in the sky. For our solar system was once a binary star system. The familiar yin and yang symbol a testament to the figure of eight orbit the earth once followed.

Here we are ... our vibrations are changing. Lifting. Our awareness shifting. Our lives different somehow. It will only continue to get stranger and stranger as our vibrations lift and we leave this 3rd dimensional awareness far behind.

There is so much more to say about the effects of The Crossing. There is plenty of time to do so. Just realise things will never be the same from this point forth. Things will be difficult to comprehend as life will now play by different rules and different perspectives. Trust your heart. Trust its judgement and let its feeling override the thoughts of the endangered ego - Matthew James