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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Totem Animal for the Day

Today's TOTEM ANIMAL is the Raven ...

The Raven has been dreaded as a bird of ill fortune; distruction and darkness; but in the spiritual world he is a bird who brings protection. He warns the forces of light of oncoming destruction and battle therefor giving us the power to guard and time for preparation. These destructive forces are a natural and necessary facet of life even though they are painful; but the raven's relationship to the forces of destruction does not mean he is the bringer of the destructive forces yet better considered the messenger.

The Raven is a bird of protection by warning the forces of light of upcoming destruction or battles; so they may prepare themselves. His association with destruction does not make him the bringer of it; but better yet the messenger. By heeding his warnings one is able to possibly change the impact of a situation even though they may not be able to change the inevitable. Like the Druids you can learn to read of the type of warning or message the Raven is sending you by learning to understand his flight behavior and even the sounds he makes

The Raven brings powerful healing qualities by a process known as the resolutions of opposites. This meaning in darkness there is light; and in light there is darkness- death is necessary for rebirth- destruction is necessary for renewal. There must be death in order to make room for birth. By using this process of resolution of opposites we learn to resolve conflicts that have long lain buried in our unconscience or our past. There must be darkness if we are to emerge into the light.

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