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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Five Directions Of The Ego

The best way to move forward. There is only one way. By acknowledging that everything we see with our eyes has already occurred. We see into the past at all times. So its impossible to use the ego as a compass. It moves in five directions. None of which are the correct journey. Back. Left. Right. Up. Down.

It is only be using the heart that we move forwards. It is in the now and it knows the way home. We enter this maze from the same door we must leave. But we forget and spend all of our time going with the demands of the ego.

But the soul is always still. It never leaves the door. Letting its children run rampant through the maze.

Listen to your heart. Forget what others say and think. Focus on your own heart and wear the blinkers of the spirit. For the spirit sees the ego and ignores. The spirit rises above the maddening crowd and remembers truth
- Matthew James