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Thursday, 8 October 2015

How Do You Know To Make The Right Decison?

Life is such a powerful thing. So many decisions to make. So many twists and turns. How do we really know what is the wrong or the right thing to do? How do we know we have reacted in the right or the wrong way in a situation? How do we know its the right experience we've had?

For in truth, every reaction and every possible outcome is created by consciousness. When we face any decision in life, the universe expects every possible experience to be created in that moment. We, in this dimensional awareness, have a very difficult decision to make ... because anything can actually happen. It will happen, but not on this dimension. Whatever direction you choose in this dimension is THE RIGHT CHOICE. Rest assured, you will ALWAYS make the right choice ... but is it the right one for you on this dimension?

Your soul experiences the entire experience, but you as a fragment of that diamond will only experience your tiny part of that big picture. Relax, you make the right choice for this dimension by choosing the decision your heart makes you feel is the right choice. The voice of your ego, of your left brain, cannot lead you to the correct decision. You must feel the decision and accept the consequences, whatever they may be ... Matthew James