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Sunday, 5 August 2018

A Workplace Egregore

Another type of Egregore thought form formation can occur in a work place, when there is a group of colleagues who have built up a rapport with each other over time, and are almost existing in that workplace environment as one entity. They spend time with each other in work, and out of work.

Then there is the one employee in the work place who is not part of that group, but who works with this group, who doesn't share the same rapport with them.

Gradually over time, the one individual will begin to feel uncomfortable, and out of place ... until he or she eventually leaves. This can be an intentional will/wish of the group ... or it can just be created without any of the group being unaware that they are pushing the individual out. Quite often, there will be one person within the group who is jealous of the solitary worker; or doesn't like the solitary worker for whatever reason. This person within the tight knit group can then work on his/her fellow workers to also not like the solitary worker. They can thus influence the group mind, or the egregore ... and then push the group to exert some disapproval on the solitary person ... resulting in the solitary co-worker to quit.

This can equally work when there is an established close knitted group within a workplace and a new employee starts in the work place ... very soon the new employee could get a vibe that they are not wanted ... and thus leave ... this can be either an intentional will by one or more members of the group ... or a subconscious intention.