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Friday, 3 August 2018

The 'Time Sham' and 'Past Life Shifts'

It is said we are 'multi-dimensional beings'. It is true. Everything is simultaneous; meaning everything is happening at the same time. Except if you are existing in a limited awareness universe; then you will fall for the 'time sham'.

Outside of 'time sham' everything occurs as one experience split into multiple vehicles of awareness. In simple terms, your spirit has fragmented parts of itself into multiple states of awareness that are independent of each other but of the same spirit. On its own vibrational level it can observe all these fragments of itself all at once; as if looking at each of them on a different computer monitor.

Each of these separate parts are unlikely to be aware of the other parts, though from time to time 'past life shifts' may occur ... except they are not past lives but simultaneous lives.

Is it possible for one spirit to have several lives going on the same time, in say 2018? That is the million dollar question. Is it possible for one spirit to have 12 Billion lives going on at the same time? That is another valid question.Are we all independent fragments of the same spirit? That is another valid question.

I guess we will never know the answer when plugged into this limited sensory awareness. We have to lift our consciousness to levels over and above this one to find out. It's been a while since I've been able to get to that kind of level - too much Sodium Flouride, Aspartame and other toxins are now taking their toll on my higher brain functions to get out there anymore. Which is sad as I'm now a prisoner like everyone else, sadly.  But I guess it was meant to be like this.