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Friday, 3 August 2018

Light Of Truth Oracle - Card of the Month

THE VISIONARY - original concept, artwork, and design by Matthew James. This card was inspired by a series of visions, visitations and realisations that occurred 25 years prior to emigrating to New Zealand. A recurring vision was of a specific mountain, which turned out to be Pirongi Mountain close by to Hamilton on the north island of New Zealand. The 1st edition version of The Visionary was based around an original piece of artwork drawn 20 years prior to emigration, back when I'd never heard of Pirongi Mountain or even had an inkling I'd be emigrating.

The Visionary card describes the inherent nature in us all; the 2nd sight we all possess ... because we do actually know the game we will be playing and the order of the events in that game. We've been made to forget ....