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Saturday, 13 April 2019

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime: Health and safety officials pull peanut butter from shelves because the jar doesn't warn it contains NUTS

My brain HURTS with this one. PeaNUTS. Come on ... it's obvious there are nuts in a jar of peanuts. This is absolute proof we've somehow left the real earth and entered a mad one in a parallel universe!

[David Icke]: Health and safety rules have been ridiculed after a brand of peanut butter was withdrawn because the jar does not warn it contains nuts.

The Whole Earth product is called '3 Nut Butter' and makes plain on the front of the label that it contains walnuts and pecans as well as peanuts.

But thousands of the £2.50 jars, available in major supermarkets such as Tesco, are being recalled because they breach rules which state there has to be a nut allergy warning in English on the jar.

The withdrawal prompted hilarity and disbelief on social media.

Gordon Lancaster responded: 'Ffs, is this a joke? If anyone eats this and doesn't realise it has nuts then I'm afraid, it's called natural selection.'

Sharnie Langford wrote: 'The people who need these instructions are the reason we have 'do not drink' on bleach bottles.'

Robin Simmonds raged: 'For Christ sake. Is this real? Don't people have any common sense? It's 3 nut butter! What is wrong with using their brains a bit?'

Kim Ellis was one of the few people to defend the decision to recall the item, writing: 'I can understand this one to be fair.

'It does say it contains other nuts that aren't listed, so I wouldn't eat it, just to be on the safe side. I'm absolutely fine with all nuts apart from pistachios. They make me incredibly ill.'

The makers of the product, Kallo Foods, took the decision to withdraw the jars from sale.' more>>>... 

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