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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Health freedom alert: Britain to ban everyone from privately discussing vaccine ingredients, side effects and damage to children

[Natural News]: At the turn of the century, the internet became one of humanity’s greatest gifts, a source of personal freedom and power. The internet unleashed endless opportunities for communication, commerce, and information sharing. Not only did the internet decentralize news, but it offered a platform for anyone to create and speak freely.

Two decades later, the internet has become a contentious place, with Tech giants, corporations, political activists, and governments all clamoring to control the flow of information, to stifle free speech, and to use personal data to exploit consumer’s purchasing habits and voting preferences.

Facebook has already implemented a plan to weed out information that is critical of pharmaceutical companies and their vaccine policies. For example, groups on Facebook may share information on measles, but they cannot share information on vaccine adverse events because this might cause “vaccine hesitancy.”

In Great Britain, online speech is about to become extremely more regulated. It’s like history is repeating itself. The British government hopes to appoint an internet safety czar to “monitor” Facebook, Twitter, and Google to ensure “public safety.” The motivation behind the plan is to “ensure public safety,” not to protect the right of the citizens to speak freely. Soon, you won’t be able to express yourself or voice concerns if someone in authority deems that your speech is abusive, insulting, distressing, indecent, racist, seditious, obscene, defamatory, incites religious hatred, may cause a breach of the peace, or is scandalous to a more>>>...

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