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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

The Cathars - a Hybrid DNA Lineage?

'The Cathars or 'Albigensians', who were massacred by the 13th Century Roman Church, were reputed supporters of the 'Elven' or dragon bloodline. This has been claimed by Sir Laurence Gardner; supposed Grand Protectorate of The Imperial & Royal Dragon Court & Order, Ordo Dragonis.

A female elf was known as an Elbe, Gardner says, and this is the inspiration for Albi, the main city of the Cathars, in their stronghold in the Languedoc region of Southern France.

The Cathars appeared to be close to the Knight's Templars who had a major presence in the same area, around the mysterious mountain top village of Rennes-Le-Chateau.

** Perhaps this mountain is an inner-earth entrance to a reptilean base at this time?

** It is certainly an interdimensional doorway of some type?'

Extract taken from Children Of The Matrix by David Icke

However, nobody outside of The Elite families & their bloodlines are ever likely to know for sure. It is only possible to speculate. This village has been shrouded in disinformation and mystery for centuries, a clue that something macabre and sinister has (and still is) taking place in the area.

History is always written by the victorious side, as we know, so what will have been the truth with regard to the Cathars; their true purpose and the true history of the region; will have been long written out of mainstream history books.

We can only surmise that some feud took place between factions of the 'Dragon Bloodline' families at this time. Some seizure of power occurred between the families and the Cathars were somehow in the middle of it all.

Their massacre indicates some kind of 'opposition' to the ruling faction does it not? Perhaps the massacre of all was to ensure the assassination of one or a few? I wonder if the Greys were active at this time? If this was some type of genetic hybridisation in which the Cathars were the hosts or the abducted?

Sound far fetched? Science fiction? 20th & 21st century conspiracy? Well .... this is one the fronts that the Elite Factions use today to hide the 'truth' behind.

Whatever occurred. I'm almost certain that the bloodline of the Cathars was intentionally almost exterminated. To prevent a hybrid DNA lineage from making its way onto the planet. A lineage which may well have spelt real danger for the Dragon Bloodline Families?


Because I reckon the Greys or their controllers had done some kind of double cross on the Dragon Bloodlines and produced a new more advanced human DNA! To advance mankind perhaps?

Therefore a cover story had to be made up and the Cathars massacred.

Oh yes ... did I say almost exterminated before? Yes ... not all The Cathars will have been murdered. Some of the lineage has obviously survived ... hence the Holy Grail and its false trail of disinformation ... the ruling Elite of the Dragon Bloodlines have been desperate to find the descendants of this surviving hybrid DNA ....

I feel this is still going on today ....

There is so much disinformation around the Holy Grail ... smokescreens which spell 'danger'. All is not what it seems which is a classic situation with human history and the bollocks that the Elite have us humans believe!

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