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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Eoh: The Yew Tree

Beyond the gates amass the horde
with fires burning bright
their banners bear the seal of one
whose soul be lost to night
yet he shall not find joy this day
though 'oft' he may draw near
for ye who are by spirit blessed
hath little cause to fear ....

The rune Eoh is associated with the Yew tree, and with resurrection. It denotes 'a silk purse from a sow's ear -- even though catastrophic or worrying circumstances prevail, the situation will finally turn in the favour of the querent. It will often indicate a likely hold up or obstacle where plans are concerned, but these are only of a temporary nature.

Eoh may also indicate the magic rune staves made of Yew. With these sacred objects, Yew is a powerful magical wood used in warding off and banishing all harm -- more specifically the powers of destruction and even death. Therefore its power is affirmative of continuity and endurance.