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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Clairvoyant Assessment of Dis-ease

Disease, when looked at clairvoyantly, takes on very specific shapes and sizes in the muscles, glands and organs of the physical and energetic body. Although diseases can be classified as being similar or under the same "umbrella," they carry very distinct energetic patterns that are instantly discernible to a keen observer.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), for example, has been medically diagnosed as a neurological disorder. Energetically, it appears as if electrical wires (the nerves) have been cut and are flailing around like fire hoses with no one at the control. These energy patterns appear where the sufferers are manifesting the disease in their bodies. For example, if they are having problems with their vision and speech, the nerves appear cut in the head and neck area. If they are having problems walking, the nerves will appear to be cut in the legs.

Lupus, also diagnosed as a neurological disorder, has a similar look and feel to MS. In the body, however, Lupus energetically appears as if the nerves are giant rubber bands stretching and moving, almost with a life of their own. There is no "tension" to the nerves and individuals with this disorder often feel as if they have little or no control of their muscular functions.

Parkinson's Disease is also medically classified as a neurological disorder. Unlike the cut or flailing nerves of MS or the loosey-goosey non-control of Lupus, Parkinson's Disease appears in the body as if the muscles of the arms and legs are in constant contraction. It is this contraction that causes the extremities, i.e. the hands and feet, to shake. Try contracting the muscles of your arms and hold them as tight as possible. Look to see if your hands start to shake. This is the energy underlying Parkinson's Disease.

Some diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) energetically appear external to the physical body and are typically seen attached to or in close proximity to a chakra (an energy centre within the body). Although CFS can affect the person as a whole, the effects seem to come and go, and are first felt in the area of the chakra that is affected, moving through the rest of the body from that location.

For example, if the 7th chakra is affected (the energy centre on the top of the head), the person will typically first feel confused and dizzy, and experience blurred vision and an alteration of mental processes. If on the other hand, the 4th chakra is affected (the energy centre located near the heart), the individual tends to feel the effect of the CFS in the lower parts of the body and to feel tired or worn out while their mental activity is not impaired.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), on the other hand, does not appear in the muscles, glands or organs of the physical body nor does it appear in association with a chakra. It instead appears in the aura (the electromagnetic field around the body) as a degradation of the aura. When seen energetically, the aura of an individual with AIDS is typically seen as being yellow to yellow-brown in color and lacking in luster. When the disease moves into its more advanced state, the aura appears to have developed holes or looks as if it is disintegrating. With the natural protection of the aura compromised, individuals with AIDS are energetically more susceptible to contracting contagious illnesses.

This is just a few of the many diseases common in our world today. When looked at, the energetic cause of all disease is a holding on to energy within the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies that is not in harmony with us, while healing is experienced as a letting go of disharmonious energy. An individual can choose to hang on to the issue(s) that are causing the disease, or choose to let it go. It is this letting go that can dramatically reduce the symptoms of the disease, or potentially cure the individual of the disease.

Remember, healing is all up to you!

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