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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Getting Nearer and Nearer

Well doesn't time fly when you're having fun? The old adage. The old corny saying. But it is very true. We have so little time left now to be ready & prepared for the 'leap of faith' on Wednesday.

No more Saturdays left in New Zealand now ... and on Monday, no more weekends.

This is the final hurdle. The final push. Balanced on the razor's edge with it all finely balanced. Last minute preparations and carefully laid down plans reaching fruition. A huge pile of boxes in the corner of the room, to my right ... all our earthly possessions packed ready for the shippers.

A stirring conversation with my soon-to-be new boss mid week, filled me with all the confidence I needed to dissolve any doubts I had about the imminent BIG move. No looking back ....

Indeed ...right where we are located in Hamilton, there is a Psychic Fayre on over the weekend. We took ourselves to the venue (it is a two minutes walk) ... to have a nosey. To perhaps have someone pick up on our venture. Though, as an 'experienced' clairvoyant, I have little doubts about the move ... and have my own personal communion with 'them there upstairs' ... it is still good to hear from an outsider who doesn't know us and therefore doesn't know our plight. So I was somewhat open minded earlier today, anticipating something from one of the psychics on show at the venue.

Kristine elected to have a reading with one of the 'psychics' in the morning. She was however bitterly disappointed. Her $40 spent on an apparent nutter on about 'bits of red energy going in there and coming out there'. She was also told that she 'could expect pain on her shoulders because of her wings growing there. But the wings have been clipped to stop her using them!' In Kristine's words the woman was 'not right in the head!'

Feeling a little bemused we came back home for lunch and some more packing and cleaning. Mid-afternoon we decided to go back to the venue for a second look. The admission tickets permitted us multiple entries throughout the weekend. After saying hi to a few of the stall holders and psychics who we know personally, having been alongside them at previous venues, we decided to sit down and watch the demonstration put on by a Psychic Artist.

She proved to be very good. She also was able to provide us with the little bit of inspiration which we'd been looking for at the venue. Basically, I was her 'second victim' of the demonstration. It is very rare for me to get 'messages' ... so it was a pleasant surprise for her to come to me!

'You don't like you job. You are changing jobs and are on the move. It will be the best thing you ever did, and it is the right decision. You are becoming less grumpy which is good.'

She then handed me a sketch of the Aunt who she'd been in contact with. After a few moments I was able to ascertain that the sketch was that of my late father's Aunt Jean ... my Great Aunt Jean who I'd last gone to visit in Glasgow when I was a young child.

We were both suitably impressed with the Psychic Artist. Pleased by the simple message which had indeed confirmed our move and provided the insight that the move was indeed correct. Ev 'hardened' mediums appreciate receiving messages!

Tomorrow is back to the grind stone with the computer tables being dis-assembled ... and the house tidied for top to bottom. It will then be Monday and the first of my remaining three days in employment in New Zealand. On Thursday we are Oz bound ... the point of no return where the old chapter ends and the new script begins ....

Once sauntering along those fresh pages, we will be able to chill, clear our mind of the stressful thoughts and worries which have been plaguing us over the last few weeks. We can then take stock of the situation ... and RELAX!

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