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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Daily Merlin Insight for Sunday 9th March 2008

Sunday 9th March 2008
Using Servants of the Light Tarot
NZ: 10:15pm - 10:50pm

'Insights based on the image of "The Shining Star" ... projecting awareness towards her locality at this moment in time to glean anything of significance ...

... also to determine a sense of the road ahead ..."

Everything appears quiet and as per the plan. Under observation are certain spokes of the wheel. I receive the image of the hub of a gold/brass wheel in the back of my mind. A victorian pram and other antique memorabilia. The sight of a stately home or building. A number of elderly people walk slowly along a tarmac path which meanders through well tendered lawns. The sense once more of a glass fronted conservatory ... perhaps a day room ... in this stately home. It houses someone who I again determine as a 'Wounded Healer' ... a retired doctor or consultant. He sits reading papers and watching the world go by in this place. Now whether this 'place' is on the earth plane or I link with someone in the etheric worlds I cannot determine at this time.

But, I hear the phrase 'where in the world do you think this young lady is?' He is questioning me. I sense he is on the other side. He points my awareness in the direction of Derby or Derbyshire ... and a village of dry stone walls and cottages. She seemingly doesn't reside there I feel. But there is a Heart Specialist or Genetics 'Expert' in a small village in Derbyshire ... close to an 'Old Dears Home' in a former stately home. His mode of travel is a very plain white estate vehicle. A Peugeot or a Citroen perhaps. This gentleman has direct links or family links to those who are within the circle of those involved in the major event which is going on. Michael is a name I am given (very common but the middle name is something Germanic and not that common at all. Mike is used to hide that other name). Irish connections and Irish family tree. Other than the McCanns and their close friends ... this is another Irish link which goes towards those who were around at the time of the pilgrimage and other events of celebration. Someone takes it all very seriously. Very unperturbed about the waves made by 'certain' research. To get her back is apparently a very patient game of Chess ... strategy and ethics go hand in hand he claims. Connection to a state somewhere in Russia or former Russia .. Azerbaijan is sensed but there is tension linked to this and a nervous bridge with some rich money man and the furthering of research.

The spokes of the wheel reach far ... seemingly not even connected to the family and their missing girl. But there is the phrase 'universal need' behind this wheel.

The Sun
The Magician
Keeper of Spheres
Prime of Crescents
Eight of Weapons
Maker Of Weapons

A current frustrating impasse. A war of words somewhere. Discussions placing disgruntled person before normally calm individuals. Normally organised these places have been shaken by causes ... for whom the search has been genuine. To those who know 'the score' their attention has been disinterested. There are suspicions in quarters here for where the sun shines that which was in shadow is now in the light. Much has been exposed.

The Magician is a harbinger of change. Seemingly new questions asked about facts appertaining to the glasses on the table ... to the places at the table. To the events relating to the safety aspect. A mock event it will be accused perhaps. Links to other possible sightings in places around the Med. All is out of sequence as a dossier of reported sightings not acted upon could well be brought out into the open.

Nit picking and more speculation. But nothing solid between now and the 12 month threshold. On the surface. But below the surface certain sightings and certain bits of information investigated as a path to the locality of the 8 of Weapons seems to be deduced. But, the real investigation lies hidden to prevent the wrong eyes reading and knowing just where the direction of the hunt could be. Media speculation creates a false trail ... to protect that which is being undertaken.

There is a bearded man who instigated it all ... within his symbolic sacred lodge ... he has the connections and the understanding. He was trusted so could observe all which was going on. Has the knowledge and the foresight of what the upper echelons were planning. The eye could well have been significant after all. A visit from a minister or a representative of a ministry ... discussions relating to security and keeping something 'under wraps' is highlighted here.

The choices made have been extremely harsh on the family. Extremely difficult circumstances decided by others. Using people as a commodity .... people seemingly without conscience. The end to justify the means. The media and its circus used to its full capacity for side steps and subterfuge. There really is powerful influences here. Such influences that have the connections to keep one single child hidden for as long as they decide it is necessary. Covering tracks and hiding 'incriminating information' ... no questions asked when the loyalty to cause and fellow member is concerned. The Prime of Crescents epitomises the likelihood a sighting was indeed MM ... but the cover up has been made to hide the trail. Such is the deception wrapped around this situation.

I still am confident Maddie IS to be found. IS to be released sometime in the approaching future. Time has moved on ... 12 months apart from her family is approaching. I know she has been well catered for ... and the memory of her family is still strong in her mind. New traits have surfaced with Maddie ... traits which sadly her family were not there to watch appear but will experience the joy of discovery when she is returned. It is upsetting and so frustrating that she is still not returned.

A farmhouse appears to figure around her from time to time. An isolated property with red car and a couple of jeeps. There may well be helicopter situated in close proximity .... looking down at the property with the eyes of a hawk ... there are mountains and expanses of trees. Deer do seem to roam in the lands somewhere near. A winding road to the further isolated parts of the estate. The land owner linked as part of a consortium to other properties overseas in Europe and in Eastern Europe. A myriad of localities to take this little girl too. Plus a choice of several sea faring vessels to choose from. This consortium is influential indeed. With all the attention the little girl has made makes her a very valuable commodity indeed. Something special appertaining to her make up has grabbed so much attention ... this is not a straightforward case at all. Great lengths have been gone too in order to keep her hidden and also to find out where she resides. Those with whom she resides is not necessarily the hardest thing to determine.

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